Honors and Awards

Honors & Awards

The Philadelphia high school girl’s lacrosse community has a long history of excellence!  PASLA is pleased to be associated with the honors sponsored by US Lacrosse and its own PASLA merit honors.
2019 US Lacrosse Awards
Last year only 1,000 girl players were recognized for their efforts on and off the field and selected as 2018 US Lacrosse High School All-Americans and All-Academic Team members.   PASLA and its member coaches annually coordinate the All-American and Academic All-American awards for girls’ high school players for the eastern Pennsylvania region. These are among the highest lacrosse honors a player can be awarded.
Descriptions of these honors are below:
  • All–American Award – this recognizes the best players in the United States, who also embody excellent sportsmanship
  • Academic All-American Award – this honoree is a player who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on the field, and represents high standards of academic achievement in the classroom
  • Jackie Pitts Award – This award recognizes a graduating senior in the eastern Pennsylvania region who truly honors the game of lacrosse, is invested in the development of the game in her community, is an exceptional player who continually strives to improve her game, and is an exemplary member of her team
Here are important notes for PASLA coaches:
  • All-American, Academic All-Academic and Jackie Pitts Award online nominations must be submitted using this link for the US Lacrosse website.  The link is the same for all three awards.  After clicking, just select which award you want. The nominations are due by Friday, May 3rd.
  • Only high school coaches may nominate players for these US Lacrosse awards. Club coaches may not nominate student-athletes
  • Electronic voting ballot will be sent to all PASLA high school coaches on Monday, May 13th.
  • Every coach will have the ability to vote and must vote for a minimum of 12 players.
  • All voting closes on Friday, May 17th.
2019 PASLA Awards
PASLA is also proud to honor the many outstanding high school girl’s student athletes in the eastern Pennsylvania region.  Below are the PASLA honors and links for nomination:
Here are important notes for PASLA coaches:
  • Nominations must be submitted online by May 3rd using the PASLA website.
  • Only high school coaches may nominate players for these PASLA awards. Club coaches may not nominate student-athletes
  • At the final spring PASLA meeting, league representatives will have the opportunity to speak about the nominees from their league.  On the completion of this process all representatives will then vote on the nominees