Dates & Deadlines

USL Awards Information & Process

Lauren Wray, All-American Chair –

Amy Orcutt, All-Academic Chair –

  • All-American description: All-American is awarded to the best lacrosse players in the area
  • All-Academic description: All-Academic is awarded to the best of the best, both academically and athletically. All-Academic is a “lacrosse-first” award; if the student-athlete is not on the All-American nomination list, they may not be considered for All-Academic
  • Jackie Pitts Award description: recognizes a senior player who is invested in service and the development of the game in her community, is an exemplary member of her team and an outstanding student in the classroom.
  • Online nomination process through the USL website, hard deadline of May 15th (no exceptions!)
  • Every PASLA coach will receive an electronic document / voting ballot with final nominees on May 17th and have the ability to vote until May 24th. Every coach has the ability to electronically vote on the area’s nominated players. Each coach must vote for a minimum of 12 players.
  • On May 25th, League AA reps & PASLA AA/AAA Chairs will meet to determine final list of players based on votes 
  • Final list will be submitted to USL for approval – should be approved in less than 1 week

PASLA All-Academic Information

  • Description: The PASLA All-Academic team honors juniors and seniors who did not receive USL All-Academic but academically qualify and are athletically a significant contributor to their varsity team
  • Nominations will be submitted electronically by May 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS! Nomination link to be posted on PASLA website.
  • Each school should select 3-5 players (juniors and/or seniors) who are varsity letter winners, team contributors, contribute to their school community, and who have a minimum of 3.5 weighted GPA
  • If any nominated players receive USL All-Academic, they will not be considered for PASLA All-Academic. Coaches may nominate additional players to allow for USL All-Academic selections. A total of 3 players will be awarded per school.
  • PASLA All-Academic team will be determined and announced after May 25th when USL All-Academics are finalized
  • Each member of the PASLA All-Academic team will receive an award certificate

PASLA Awards Information & Process

Allison Sweeney, PASLA Award Chair

  • Nominations will be submitted electronically by May 15th, NO EXCEPTIONS! Nomination link to be posted on PASLA website April 1
  • Awards will be voted on by PASLA Board Members/league reps on May 25th meeting
  • Brief descriptions of PASLA Awards below – full descriptions to be posted on PASLA website
  • PASLA award winners receive their awards at the PLA Banquet

PASLA Student Athlete of the Year: awarded to junior or senior varsity letter winner (for the prior season and anticipated for the 2021 season) demonstrating outstanding academic, athletic and community excellence in the 2021 season.  All 3 criteria (academic, athletic, service) will be weighted evenly. Awarded to the player who has distinguished herself in all three areas.  

PASLA Team Service Award: awarded to the team most committed to community service during the 2020-21 academic year

PASLA Most Improved Team: awarded to the team that has shown the most improvement from the previous season, including but not limited to: improvement of record, qualify for playoffs, league standings, victories over previously unbeaten opponents

PASLA Rookie of the Year: awarded to a 9th grader on Varsity who has an outstanding individual season and contributes significantly to her team’s success. 8th graders are not eligible for this award, or 9th graders who played varsity as an 8th grader.

All PASLA TEAM:  Each league should select a league MVP. This player will represent their league as a part of the ALL PASLA team.