Coaches’ Clinics

A key component of PASLA’ s responsibilities include ensuring that its member coaches are aware of the latest and most current coaching methods, techniques and drills.  At least annually, we conduct a clinic with a local DI college coaching staff with their players participating in live demonstrations. This event is free of charge to PASLA members.


On February 24, 2018, Julie Young, the Head Coach of the Villanova’s Women’s lacrosse team and her 3 assistants conducted a highly interesting and extremely well-prepared clinic at Villanova’s sports facilities.  Thank you, Julie! 

30 PASLA coaches attended this excellent session.  Here is what they had to say:

  • “I attended the Coaches Clinic on Saturday and it was AMAZING!!!! SUPER HELPFUL! I cannot wait to implement the new drills I learned with the team!!!!” … a Suburban One coach

  • “Thank you for organizing the Villanova clinic. Julie did a great job” … a Chestmont American coach

  • “I found it very informative and I obtained some great new twists on drills. Being able to ask Coach Young questions was very helpful also” … a Lehigh Valley coach

  • “I always learn new things at these clinics.  It was a really good use of my time” …. a Central League coach